6 Amazing AI Powered Products That You Need to Try in 2023


Artificial intelligence has been a game-changer in recent years, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. In 2023, there are some amazing AI-powered products available that you should try. These products have unique features, pros, and cons that make them worth considering. In this article, we will discuss 6 amazing AI-powered products that you need to try in 2023.

Here are the 6 Amazing AI Powered Products I suggest you should try.

1: Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) 
Amazing AI Powered Product
Amazing AI Powered Product the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) is an AI-powered smart speaker that uses Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. It can answer your questions, play music, and control your smart home devices with your voice commands. Pros include its affordable price, great sound quality, and its compact size. However, it requires an internet connection to function, and some users might find its design unappealing.

Price: $49.99.

FAQs: Does the Echo Dot have a built-in battery? No, it needs to be plugged into a power source.
The Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) is a popular smart speaker with a compact size and a wide range of features. Here are some of its pros and cons based on the web search results:


  • Improved sound quality compared to previous Echo Dot models
  • Affordable price point
  • Integration with Alexa voice assistant, allowing for voice control of smart home devices and access to a wide range of Alexa Skills


  • Some users may find the design less appealing than previous Echo Dot models
  • Some users may experience connectivity issues with WiFi and Bluetooth
  • The device lacks a built-in smart hub, which may limit its compatibility with some smart home devices

Overall, the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) offers improved sound quality and affordable price compared to previous models, but may have some design and connectivity issues. Its lack of a built-in smart hub may also limit its compatibility with certain smart home devices.

2: Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is an AI-powered electric car that has been making waves in the automotive industry. It uses AI to optimise its driving performance, and its self-driving capabilities are impressive. Pros include its sleek design, high-performance, and zero-emission. However, it’s quite expensive, and it requires a charging station to charge its batteries.

Price: starts from $79,990.

FAQs: Can the Tesla Model S drive itself? Yes, it has self-driving capabilities, but it still requires driver supervision.


  • Quick acceleration: The Model S has impressive acceleration, going from 0 to 60 mph in just a few seconds. It’s also said to have instant and smooth acceleration.
  • Low maintenance: As an electric vehicle, the Model S requires less maintenance compared to a traditional gas-powered car. It doesn’t need oil changes, fuel filters, or spark plug replacements, making it a more cost-effective option in the long run.
  • Efficiency: The Model S is known to be extremely efficient. This means that it uses less energy compared to other cars, making it more eco-friendly and economical.
  • Quiet and comfortable: The Model S is said to be incredibly quiet, with a smooth and comfortable ride. It also has excellent handling and suspension.


  • High price: The Model S is considered to be a luxury car, with a high price tag compared to other vehicles in its class. This can make it inaccessible for some buyers.
  • Limited range: Although the Model S has a good range for an electric vehicle, it still has a limited range compared to traditional gas-powered cars. This means that drivers may need to plan their trips more carefully or rely on charging stations for longer trips.
  • Charging time: While charging times have improved over the years, the Model S still takes longer to charge compared to a gas-powered car. This means that drivers may need to plan ahead for long trips.

Overall, the Tesla Model S is a high-performing, efficient, and eco-friendly car that requires less maintenance than traditional gas-powered cars. However, its high price tag and limited range may make it less accessible for some buyers.

3. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is an AI-powered smart refrigerator that uses Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant. It can do everything from making shopping lists to ordering groceries online. Pros include its large touchscreen display, voice recognition, and the ability to stream music and videos. However, it’s quite expensive, and some users might find its features unnecessary.

Price: starts from $2,799.

FAQs: Does the Family Hub Refrigerator require an internet connection? Yes, it needs to be connected to Wi-Fi to function.


  • The Family Hub is one of the most impressive smart refrigerator systems available.
  • The model is Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing users to access and control the fridge remotely using a smart home hub.
  • The Family Hub features a large fridge compartment.
  • Automatic temperature and humidity adjustments.
  • Internal dispensers.


  • The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator has a higher price point than many other models.
  • The cameras do not show what is in the doors.
  • The model does not have an ice or water maker on the door.

Overall, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is a high-end smart refrigerator with many advanced features. While it comes with a higher price point, it may be a good option for those looking for a large fridge compartment and advanced features like automatic temperature and humidity adjustments and internal dispensers.

4. iRobot Roomba s9+

The iRobot Roomba s9+ is an AI-powered robot vacuum cleaner that uses advanced mapping technology to navigate your home. It can learn your cleaning preferences and adjust its cleaning schedule accordingly. Pros include its powerful suction, the ability to empty its dustbin on its own, and its compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. However, it’s quite expensive, and some users might find its noise level annoying.

Price: $1,399.

FAQs: Can the Roomba s9+ clean under furniture? Yes, its low profile design allows it to clean under most furniture.


  • Excellent cleaning performance: The Roomba s9+ is praised for its powerful suction and effective cleaning on all types of debris.
  • Accurate mapping: The robot vacuum can create detailed maps of your home and navigate efficiently, making it a great option for larger homes with multiple rooms.
  • Self-emptying: The Roomba s9+ has a self-emptying feature that allows it to empty its dustbin automatically, making maintenance more convenient and reducing exposure to dust.
  • Smart home compatibility: The Roomba s9+ is compatible with popular smart home platforms like Alexa and Google, allowing for voice control and integration with other smart home devices.


  • Expensive: The Roomba s9+ is the most expensive robot vacuum from iRobot and has a higher price point compared to other models in the Roomba lineup.
  • Noisy: Some users report that the Roomba s9+ can be quite loud during operation, which could be an issue if you prefer a quieter vacuum.

Overall, the iRobot Roomba s9+ is a high-performance robot vacuum with advanced features, but its high price point and potential noise level may not be suitable for everyone.


The LG C1 OLED TV is an AI-powered smart TV that uses LG’s ThinQ AI to provide you with a personalised viewing experience. It can learn your preferences and suggest content accordingly. Pros include its excellent picture quality, support for Dolby Vision and Atmos, and its compatibility with voice assistants. However, it’s quite expensive, and some users might find its smart features overwhelming.

Price: starts from $1,499.

FAQs: Does the LG C1 support HDMI 2.1? Yes, it has four HDMI 2.1 ports.


  • Incredible contrast and colour performance.
  • Terrific picture quality.
  • Top-shelf performance and incredible array of future-facing features
  • Great audio out of the box


  • Some users may experience burn-in issues if they use the TV for prolonged gaming sessions or if they display static images for extended periods
  • Not as bright as some other high-end TVs
  • Expensive compared to other types of TVs

Overall, the LG C1 OLED TV provides an excellent viewing experience with its top-notch picture quality and audio performance, but potential buyers should also consider the possibility of burn-in and the TV’s high price point.

6. Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic air purifier

The Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic air purifier is an AI-powered air purifier that uses HEPA and activated carbon filters to remove pollutants from the air. It also has a unique technology that destroys formaldehyde, a common indoor pollutant. Pros include its ability to cool and purify the air at the same time, its quiet operation, and its sleek design. However, it’s quite expensive, and some users might find


  • The Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic air purifier has a 360-degree Glass HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns, according to Bob Vila.
  • This air purifier is Wi-Fi enabled, which means you can connect it to the Dyson Link app and control it remotely from your smartphone.
  • It features a display that shows the real-time air quality data and can be used to adjust the settings of the device.
  • The Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic air purifier is bladeless and operates quietly, which makes it suitable for use in any room.


  • The Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic air purifier is expensive compared to other air purifiers on the market, with a price tag of $799.99 according to PCMag.
  • The air quality ratings of this device do not take gas pollutants like NO2 and VOC into account, according to PCMag.
  • It is not fit for larger spaces, according to Good Housekeeping.
  • The Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic air purifier is more expensive than other air purifiers on the market, according to Forbes.

Overall, the Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic air purifier offers excellent air purification capabilities and added functionality of cooling and heating. However, its high price and limited suitability for larger spaces may be a downside for some consumers.

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